The Black Friday Extra

Of the many fruits of capitalism, the sweetest might be Black Friday.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this year’s festivities: amidst the perfect storm of a weakened dollar, high unemployment, and most importantly, the lack of a really killer toy, I didn’t have high expectations.  This fear was confirmed by seeing a single lonely shopper camped out in front of Best Buy on Thanksgiving Day.  Still, April was at the door of Kohl’s at 3am among a throng of shoppers, which makes me glad that the day wasn’t a total wash.

Even I couldn’t resist the thrill of spending on Black Friday- I bought some magnets from Radio Shack, and some industrial-strength Velcro from Home Depot. With that disclosure, I’ll add that greed is not my sin.

This is merely the sale-studded beginning to the month-long orgy that climaxes in Christmas.  For my own part, it marks the beginning of a month-long binge, though with different set of indulgences: sugar and booze, which would likely be considered the sin of gluttony.

It’s remarkably similar to the Saturnalia of yesteryear; a month of parties and liquor-fueled cheer, from the lowliest bourbon ball to the bottle of Absinthe waiting under the tree.  It’s a much more tangible problem than the vague notion of ‘holiday stress’ which seems to mainly afflict the perpetually stressed, and I have to wonder how my liver will handle it this year.

Frankly, I think that sugar is greater enemy.  My wiry physique usually keeps me from getting too drunk, simply because it only takes a few drinks to make my head feel lighter.  With sugar, however, my appetite outstrips my self-control.  The variety of textures and tastes on display at the dessert table usually leads me to some quick, ill-conceived rationalizations about the rarity of getting to eat some favorite treats, as well as the enticing prospect of finding new favorites.

Thus, I slowly and carefully stuff myself with sweet treats.  Stomach pain usually follows pretty quickly, accompanied by self-loathing.

This perennial routine is very familiar to me, but I still haven’t devised how to circumvent it, or at least minimize the negative side-effects.  Until I figure it out or get Diabetes, I’ll probably remain a glutton.

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