Triathletes, Unite!

I did the Stoneman Triathlon in Springfield today, and even though my legs are gonna be recovering for a couple of days, it was nice to have a challenge met and conquered.  The fastest triathlete finished in 57m47s minutes, and my time was 1h34s.  Not great, but I think I could certainly improve for next year…

The most difficult part was the swimming, without doubt.  Swimming 500 meters is an accomplishment for someone who has no access to a pool, but it’s your skills as a fighter that contribute to your success.  Dodging the dozens of swiftly kicking legs and sweeping hands of the school of humans was what made swimming hard for me, but I feel like I evened the score with a couple of glancing blows to the people swimming near me.

Bicycling was fun.  I received alot of praise, but not because I was smashing records.  In my case, it was my bicycle- having a mountain bike in a race dominated by street/racing bikes is apparently considered a serious handicap.  My friend Andy also used his mountain bike, and reported similar results.

The running was fine; my new shoes held up and carried me there and back again.  My legs, on the contrary, were and are still on the verge of mutiny.

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