Summertime, and the kitties are lazy

The heat has finally broken, and life can once again flourish in Illinois.  To make the most of this opportunity, Ape and I have been on the motorcycle as often as we can lately.  After the first couple of weeks, I’m still convinced that my new motorcycle is perfect. We also managed a trip to Six Flags with a few good friends, the result of which was my realization that I’m to old to tolerate the neck-snapping rides.  Otherwise, it’s pretty much exactly like I remember- Thunder River is still the best ride, followed closely by the Mine Train.

Tomorrow marks my 1-year anniversary working at the Lewis & Clark Library System.  I’m pretty happy with my accomplishments there so far, but how has my life otherwise changed?  It’s been a hell of a ride, this last year- the highs, the lows, the creamy middles.  Mostly, I feel like I don’t have enough time to realize my potential- something I imagine is common to lots of people.  When I think about it, I can’t quite put my finger on where all the time goes.  I know that my new job (not so new now) meant an additional 5 hours a week spent at work (plus the many hours of after-hours tinkering), but I think the real trick is that I’m whipped when I get home from work, which leads to me wasting time watching TV or just wandering around the yard (not a waste of time, but not particularly useful either). In any case, after being at work for 9 hours, the creative currents of my mind are just dusty gulches.

I’m learning that intellectual work can be as exhausting as physical labor, and like all office jockeys, I relish the occasional opportunity to work with my hands.  Normally I’ve got some ill-conceived home-improvement project to fill the hours, but there haven’t been any of those lately, either.

Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying my new bike so much- it gets me out of my bubble, and affords me time to think.  Against the backdrop of the rolling Illinois countryside, embraced by brisk wind and sunshine, thoughts take shape on their own.  It’s a refreshing change from me walking around the yard, trying vainly to figure out what to do with myself.

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