The State of Quebecker

What a state it is!  I’ve been busy relaxing and enjoying the moments of nice weather that puncuate the weeks of rain we’ve had in Illinois.  The days  might be warmer, but the nights are clear and cool, which makes for first-rate viewing of the moon and stars.

Even work has been much more relaxing lately- I finished the big move from a homegrown cms-ish site that was lacking in several areas over to WordPress, my most favoritest blog platform/CMS.  With that behind, I get to work on a dozen other projects that have been hamstrung while I wiled away hours moving static and dynamic posts from one database to another.

What’s even more  exciting than that is my new motorcycle, the Honda 919.  She’s a worthy successor to my CRF230, although it’s like I’m learning how to ride all over again- the two machines couldln’t be more different from each other (unless one of them had 3 wheels, and I’m not old enough for that).  Anyway, it’s pretty sweet.

I’ll put up some pictures next time….Until then, look for me on a red Honda with rain gear from head to toe.

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