Let the Summer games commence!

Yep, Spring is officially over.  Those sticklers that say Summer doesn’t start until June 21 are full of crap- when I have to start mowing every two days, Summer in is the hizzy.  Speaking of which, mowing is not the chore it once was around here.  You might recall my adherence to the mowers of simpler times, and true to my word, I do not use a gas-powered mower.  Instead, I bought a Craftsman battery-powered mower, which dispatches weed and grass with vigor.

Less time mowing means more time gardening, which is one of the most civilized things I do.  Growing and caring for plants, observing which species do well in what conditions, and enjoying the results is an experience unparalleled in daily life.  Currently, the star of the show is my rose bush.  It was a gift from my folks after we finished the patio, and in two years it has grown enormous, with a fragrance that lifts my heart whenever I walk by.  It also stabs me mercilessly when I try to trim off old buds.

Other than that, the regular flowers and vegetables will be appearing this year.  I’m gonna grow hops, as well, but they won’t be planted until Fall.

Roses creeping up on April from behind
Roses creeping up on April from behind

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