Kitchexplosion, meet ReStore

With Kitchexplosion winding down, we find ourselves faced with a garage full of crap.  Leftover  boards, drywall, sinks, paint, rusty nails, it’s all crammed into the one-car wonder.  In an effort to assuage our collective conscience, Ape and I agreed it would be wrong to throw it all in the nearby dumpster; rather we would take it to the Habitat ReStore in St. Louis.

It’s a great place to take leftovers from construction/destruction.  After we dropped the kitchexplosion remains off, we browsed the warehouse for a few minutes.  I’m pretty sure you could have built 15 houses from all the stuff they had, but there wasn’t anything I needed….this time.

Anyway, take your old stuff there rather than the dumpster.  Maybe they should call it UnDumpster

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