Ikea, and you can too!

The northern wind was biting as we left for Bolingbrook on Sunday, but we had a mission to fulfill: the acquisition of Ikea kitchen cabinets.  Removal of the old cabinets and installation of the new is Phase 3 of the Kitchexplosion 2009, and in planning Phase 3 I remembered the biggest challenge of remodeling the bathroom (last year’s project): we didn’t have a replacement vanity for the one we’d just ripped out.  Thus, before removing the kitchen cabinets, I vowed that we would have the new cabinets on hand.

For those unfamiliar with buying things at Ikea, it’s kind of a crapshoot.  You can check inventory online before you go, but there’s no guarantee the things you want will be in stock, nor will they hold items under any circumstances.  So the night before we spot-checked the inventory of most of the cabinets we had picked out, and hoped against all odds that the stuff we wanted would still be available.

The voyage to Bolingbrook consisted of me, Ape, and my parents, followed by a cargo trailer, driving about 160 miles through the barren plains of central Illinois.  Once we arrived, we made straight for the self-service area; a vast warehouse filled with flat-packed furniture of all sorts.  We couldn’t find any of the kitchen pieces, so we asked for help.  The response was simple: we couldn’t find any of the kitchen stuff because it wasn’t available to the public; one had only to go upstairs to the kitchen department and find a kitchen specialist, who would submit an order and all the pieces would be brought out of the bowels of the warehouse.

In the kitchen department, we had the fortune of finding someone intelligent and interested in helping us, a rare combination in some places.  He spent about a half-hour figuring out what we would need, and having finished that, even helped us pick out door hardware.  Super.

The receipt is roughly half as long as April
The receipt is roughly half as long as April

After we got the full manifest, we ambled back to the warehouse, where the checkout lines live.  It only took a few minutes to purchase the cabinets, but it tooks months to pay for them!  Afterward, we took the manifest and a receipt to the pick-up area, where we were treated to a very thorough inspection of all the pieces we’d purchased.  Satisfied that everything was present, we loaded the trailer and headed to lunch.

That’s all it took- a few months of planning, a trailer, a couple of grand, and parents to help.  Now that you know the secret to procuring Ikea cabinets, stay tuned as I attempt to assemble them!

Oh yeah, and watch out for the cabinet organization stuff; it’s where you really get taken 🙂

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