I will play for Gumball

A bumper crop
A bumper crop

It’s gumball season, and this looks to be a vintage year.  This haul is just from my front yard, and is therefore only a portion of the gumball harvest.  Soon we’ll be making gumball sauce, gumball cider, candied gumballs, gumbalaya, and much more!  The best part is that I don’t even have any Sweetgum trees in my yard- 3 gargantuous trees are planted in my neighbour’s yard, which means I get all of the gumballs and none of the pesky shade.

My legs are rather sore from bending down to pick the pointy pricklies from the damp soil, but getting to spend some time outdoors is worth the effort.  A little fresh air is a welcome respite from the glue-perfumed air of the house.

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