Sleep, Comrade!

It’s been a week of surprises, both pleasant and otherwise.  The work on Kitchexplosion 2009 continues, and now phase 1 is successfully completed.  You can witness the results here.

Phase 1, as you may recall, was breaking open the wall between the kitchen and living room, and recessing the fridge into what was previously the pantry.  Phase 2 began even before the completion of Phase 1, with shocking results.  You see, Phase 2 was destined to be the replacement of our ugly stick-on vinyl floor.  Ape and I had our hearts set on the pinnacle of modern, responsible flooring, Marmoleum.  Sadly, our bank accounts can’t keep pace with our wishes, so we settled on a lovely bamboo remnant from a larger job (must’ve been very large, since the leftovers could easily cover our kitchen floor).  We took a sample home to make sure it looked alright, and decided that it looked nice, and we would sleep on it to be sure.

The next day, April called me at work to let me know she had a surprise waiting for me when I got home.  Perplexed as I was, it slipped my mind as the day wore on.  As I was getting ready to head home, a horrible stabbing pain seized the back of my left eyeball and refused to let go.  I laid out on the floor to try to relieve the pain, but no change.  I walked home in the rain, and by the time I reached my door, the pain was so intense I felt nauseous.  Unable to contain the surprise any longer, Ape reported that in the course of working on the kitchen wall, she’d discovered that there was a hardwood floor beneath several layers of vinyl.  Under better circumstances, I would have been thrilled; instead, I went and laid down on the bathroom floor.

The newly-discovered wood floor
The newly-discovered wood floor

I eventually made it out of the bathroom and into a bed.  After a couple restless hours, I fell asleep at about seven o’clock and didn’t wake until my alarm went off the next morning at 7:10.  Whatever had afflicted me so strongly the evening before was long gone, and I felt ready to properly celebrate the discovery of the wood floor.  Little did I know what lingering effect it would have on my circadian rhythm.

It turns out the wood is a perfect match to the wood covering the rest of our house.  Of course, there were some challenges to recovering the floor, not the least of which was a 5-layer sandwich of vinyl floors and adhesives covering the last 50 years.  Once the previous floors had been removed, there remained a layer of paper and adhesive.  For the next several days I labored with soapy water and a putty knife to peel off the sticky sh*t.  Everyday at about 8:00 I felt exhausted, and fell asleep well in advance of 9pm.  The natural sequitur to going to bed so early is rising early, and these last few days have seen me awake at 5 or 6 in the morning, an hour usually reserved for starting long trips.

I’m glad to say that the floor is now clean, and I’m slowly trying to slide back in to a more normal sleep schedule.  Here’s what I’ll be dreaming of:

The floor (not pictured: glue and other crap)

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