I hope for Spring eternally

The Sun has finally returned to the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere.  Saturday saw the temperature outside my door rise to 65 degrees, which is practically unheard of for February.  Sure, there was a strong southern breeze blowing through, which certainly helped to warm things up.  But the warmth of the Sun, and the smell of wet soil reminded me of what I’ve been  missing for several months.

To take advantage of the gorgeous day, I decided to jump on my Honda and go for a ride.  To my great surprise, I rolled over 1,000 miles on Saturday.  A foregone conclusion, of course, but to cross the 1,000 mile mark in February was surprising.

What was perhaps even more surprising was that I saw a peacock in the middle of the road.  Naturally, I didn’t have my camera handy when it was most needed, but I reckon I can track the peacock down again; it didn’t move too quickly.

Kitchexplosion 2009 update:

April and I may have found our new kitchen floor; a fllooring place in Eville had about 120 sq. ft. of bamboo left over from another job, and it just so happens we like the color.  Otherwise, not much has changed over the weekend- if things go well, we should complete Phase one this week.

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