Would you pass the wintry mix?

december-2006-021It’s that dreadful time of year- the euphoria of Christmas and New Year’s are gone, the weather outside my house borders on uninhabitable, and the end won’t come soon.  Until April, there’s very little to look forward to; just a few Hallmark Holidays like Valentine’s Day and the Ides of March.  Is there any profit to be had from this mess?

For others, yes.  The inhabitants of more northern climes enjoy plentiful snow and skiing; folks down South lack the snow, but benefit from overall milder weather.  As  Illinoisans, we have the worst best of both worlds.  I really think the midwest must be one of the most profitable regions for electrical and gas utilities- we require year-round climatisation.

I manage to stay comfortable in most places, through a combination of forced air heat and feline convection.  The only concern I have is for the Junipers I planted in the front yard.  They were a lovely green when I planted them in November; now they’re a healthy brown shade.  How can I keep them out of Juni-peril?

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