….And now, a word from our sponsors

img_2987Forgive me for the interruption in service, but ’twas all for a higher purpose: a belated new beginning for Quebecker.

With the countdown to the 100th post (this one being #96), it became evident that I needed a new webhost.  Selecting a webhost is a major life decision, and I’ve been putting it off for too long.  I have high expectations for a hosting company:

  1. Don’t nickle and dime me (looking at you, Godaddy)
  2. Give me the tools I need to maintain a site, not some crappy tool developed just for your site
  3. Give me something to believe in- I’m talking Green hosting or Open Source Software or something

3 simple needs, how hard can it be?

Real hard, as it turns out.

A lengthy search only left me with a few choices, all of which involved compromising one of my requirements.  Damnit.

I put it out of my mind for a few days, along with going to the doctor and getting my piano tuned.  While casually browsing the web yesterday, I remembered a colleague mentioning Dreamhost.  My only knowledge of Dreamhost was that they hosted 1-click WordPress installs, something I’d seen advertised alot.  This struck me as the Microsoft approach to software, and we all know how well that tends to work.  Still, I felt obliged to explore the possibility.

2 hours later, my Dreamhost account was established, including a new domain.  That left me with the task of migrating my WordPress database from a derelict desktop computer to the glitz-and-glam Dreamhost server.  It wasn’t easy, but I’ll say that my initial estimation of Dreamhost was way off- I had absolutely everything I needed to manipulate my Mysql databases, upload images, setup mail (which is handled by Google Apps), the whole works.

Expect more posts, more action, and more shameless self-plugs.

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