Indictment We Trust

This week another Illinois governor fulfills his destiny and switches his tailor-cut for an baggy orange jumpsuit. Nothing about this governor is really so unique; he comes from a city with a long and rich history of corrupt officials. Why then is this an item of national importance? His troubled face and mop are plastered on every TV screen in America, as if a corrupt politician getting busted even merits mention these days.

What’s that, shadowy conservative? He’s from the same city (population 9,000,000) as Obama? He’s probably a co-conspirator, that wily high yellow.* After all, you can’t spell ‘guilt by association‘ without ‘guilty“.

Lord, give us strength.

The real gem in this whole affair is listening to the raft of commentators attempt to prononce the name Blagojevich. Needless to say, his name suffered more than a sullied reputation.

*This term is apparently not nearly as racist as one might suspect- I’d never even heard of it, which might be why it doesn’t carry the stigma that other racial adjectives do.

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