Mormoney, more problems

What would Jesus ban?

If you guessed abortion, hate, or heavy metal, you’re wrong! He’s cool with all of those things. What really bugs him is gay people. Why do they have to destroy marriage? Here we face a terrible threat; divorce, spousal abuse, and infidelity are insignificant next to the menace of same-sex marriage; against this last assault, the sacred bond between one man and several women one woman cannot stand.

Thank God the Mormon church had the moral fiber and financial means to support Proposition 8. Without their heavenly cash (did they melt the golden plates to cover the cost?), Prop 8 might not be law today. Yes, the campaign was $35,000,000 well spent- it proves that democracy is all about cheques and balance$.

*Removes tongue from cheek*

I’ve been told by some that I’m being too hard on Mormons; that perhaps Joseph Six-Pack was unaware of what the church leadership was up to. I say bullshit. There are numerous examples of followers who plead ignorance in some misdeed. Despite my cynicism, I firmly believe that a leader can only successfully lead with complicit agreement of followers. Quite simply, those in charge can only get away with as much as their people allow. Thus, if there were any real opposition to Prop 8 from within the Mormon party, it would not have been such a smashing success.

Before you deem me to quick to judge others, let me clarify a few things. I strongly believe in religious freedom- if Mormons hate same-sex marriage, that’s fine. If Catholics are appalled by abortion, that’s fine. If Jews are offended by Christmas trees, so be it. There’s nothing wrong with any of these ideas- and any who believes this country should live up to it’s reputation as a free society ought to agree.

Though church officials might eschew the term, it’s sometimes called intellectual freedom- the right to think and say what you want without fear of reprisal. Like all abstract ideas, intellectual (or religious) freedom is fantastic- in reality, however, it’s sometimes unpleasant. I disagree with most politicians, clergymen, feminists, misogynists, scientists, violinists, and anybody else who spouts off too frequently (especially bloggers). To use the popular phrase, I don’t discriminate- I dislike everyone equally. Which is good; it keeps things interesting.

What’s bad is when a person or group tries to make their discriminatory beliefs into law. It doesn’t matter how you feel about Mormons, Mexicans, Jews, Gays, gay Jews or Mexican Mormons. Everyone has the same rights. No further elaboration is needed for such a simple concept, laid out so eloquently by our constitution.*

*Unless…. you disagree with the Constitution and have the financial chutzpah to get new laws passed.

As always, I’m glad to report that the irony is not entirely lost on me. That a religious group that was chased out of the Land of Lincoln for their religious beliefs, and subsequently persecuted for decades for their peculiar marriage practices to sponsor legislation to deprive another group of their right to marry is about an 8 on the irono-meter.

What does all this mean for the land of the free? You decide. I’m busy working on my new law to ban Chinese marriage (we have to stop them before they reach 2 billion!).

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