Looking Back

It was actually mozzie who started this blog.

1/100 of a century ago, I established this blog to compose my thoughts, air my grievances, and share my joys. It was an idea largely inspired by my research of Michel de Montaigne’s Essais, who for his own part was inspired by the greek ideal gnothi seauton (know thyself). Up until a year ago, this notion hadn’t really occurred to me. At that point, I knew more about the dead French philosopher’s mind than my own.

So a year later, what have I learned about myself?

That deep introspection is tough. That’s what I originally intended- a goal that I fulfilled on several occasions, but still ends up a minority among the 90 some-odd posts I’ve churned out this year. The conditions have to be just right- you need energy (the quality of my writing suffers after a sh*tty day at work), time, a fine beer/wine, and if at all possible, a kitty. There are few intersections of these qualities in my life, which explains the number of anecdotal and narrative posts, as opposed to lengthy, well-reasoned essays.

That said, the narratives have value too. They’re some of my favorite entries, as a matter of fact, on par with the more philosophical posts in style, if not in content. Most importantly, nearly every single post was original thought. Nothing disgusts me more than bloggers who only repost and add some pithy comment to other’s work.

I feel I’ve at least begun to accomplish what I want to do (I certainly expect thoughtful introspection to continue beyond a single year). The fringe benefit of writing is being able to look retrospectively at the course your life has taken over time. For instance, I mentioned in one entry about the pleasure of working at LCLS during the filtering video project, told from an outsider’s perspective.

So how will I keep the blog fresh for the second season? Crazy romances? Faked deaths? Partial nudity? It’s all on the table.

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