I’ll never tire!

March 2004 118 300x224It’s been 16 days since I’ve driven my car. It’s been nice, in spite of the early arrival of winter. For the most part, I’ve walked to work (excepting a single rainy day) or ridden my motorcycle (brrrrrr).

I hope I don’t disappoint anyone, but this wasn’t a wholly conscious effort. My car key went missing on the 1st of November, and I’ve not had the time to replace until today. In the midst of my auto-abstinence, some force of nature decided to remove my driver’s side window, leaving behind a glittering pile of glass cubes. Let’s hope the next window lasts longer than the former…

Fortunately, the irony of the whole situation isn’t lost on me- at a time when gas is approaching 2003-2004 price levels, I’m driving less than ever. Like others, some masochistic part of me actually wants to waste gas just to have the satisfaction of filling it up again for under $2 a gallon.

It also happens to be a time when the company which manufactured my car is begging for it’s existence. On NPR, a commentator I was listening to put it best “The big three have sailed against the winds of change for too long, and it’s finally showing”. Succinct and spot-on in this case, with only a minor extension it could be applied to a number of legacy librarians who see the world in exactly the same way they saw it 20 or 30 years ago, and who flatly refuse to acknowledge that what they learned in library school is often no longer applicable. I understand that change is seldom easy, but American automakers are a gleaming example of sticking to a outdated enterprise. Will librarians who fail to change be on the brink someday? I think part of our complacency is the deep-rooted reverence for the library as a social institution. People who don’t ever set foot in the library will continue to support it because of it’s perceived benefit to the community. But will this idea endure?

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