Did you know ‘vote’ is an anagram of ‘veto’?

That’s the most unique coverage of today’s election you’re likely to get.

Like most Americans, I’m doing my best not to stare into the bottomless pit of speculation, lest I be hypnotized and fall in.  Besides, the issues that matter most to me aren’t even being discussed, like whether Obama is black enough, or is what is Palin’s opinion on Youth in Asia?

No, these are the tough questions that will never be asked.  We need to focus on the future now; specifically, what will be on the news once the election is over?  What will fill the 1000’s of hours of programming previously dedicated to prediction and punditry?

I’m particularly worried about comedy shows.  A victorious McCain-Palin  would be a boon for the Daily Shows and SNLs of the world, whereas an Obama victory might bring an end to 8 years of high-riding ridicule.  Or maybe not- maybe the feculent pendulum of media bias will swing menacingly toward the Democrats. Stranger things have happened…

No matter who wins today, it’s my sincere hope that the 44th president is chosen by our antiquated electoral college, and not by our 9 antiquated justices of the Supreme Court.

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