Seg me up!

Regular readers know that I’m pretty skeptical of most technology, but I think we’ve really got something in the Segway.  I finally got to take one of these two-wheeled wonders at the St. Louis Science Center, and it was no less than super-villian fun to cruise around and frighten hapless bystanders.

Of course, the Segway’s novelty far outstrips it’s practicality, but that’s hardly sufficient reason to keep you from being object of jealousy & ridicule in your home town by buying one today.

On an equally amusing note, my coworker and I were barred entry to the tunnel that connects the science center with it’s parking lot, so we had the unsavory choice of crossing I-64 on foot or begging a ride from one of the presenters.  Luckily, I wore my begging boots.

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