Rock you like a hurricane

000631 300x225I haven’t been able to write lately because I’m busy spreading fear about Gustav.  It’s not easy, you know; gas prices don’t just go up on their own!

In truth, I’ve been leading a markedly different lifestyle lately.  Some would call it conspicuous consumption- in the last month, Ape and I have acquired a Dyson, a new washer, a Wii Fit, and a motorbike.  Feeding this turbo-consumption is a new job and extra contracting work (which I intended to stop doing).  All this crap leaves me with less time to think; a full house and an empty head have I.

Is that a good enough reason not to write?  Has the acquisition of things replaced my drive to write?  Not really.  It’s also summertime (only for a few more days), and it turns out I’m a seasonal blogger.  During these lovely midwestern summer days, my attention is turned outward, not inward.

So that’s that.  I won’t beat myself up over not writing often enough; I’ll need to save my strength for the political banter to come this Fall.

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