Tell them you know Lorenzo…

Img 4141 300x247A breath of cool weather and an italian scooter are the only new things under the sun around here.  One month after purchasing a scooter, Ape finally got her class-m driver’s license (in case you didn’t know, Illinois licenses are now accented in a lovely shade of red) and we hit the streets of E-ville on an Aprilia Mojito.

If you don’t already have one, get one.  It wasn’t too expensive, and besides, you deserve a new scooter.  I’ll wait while you’re out getting one….


Now that you’ve got your own, let me tell you more about this Venetian wonder.  Despite being thoroughly Italian, the Aprilia is full of fahrvergnügen and at a cool 80 mpg, makes the Prius look like a petrol-glutton.

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