Tile be seeing you…

Img 40441 224x300For anyone who’s keeping score, tiling my bathroom floor was completed today; a scant 7 weeks after removing the old floor.

Not that I’ve been working on it for that long.  Cutting and laying the tile (a relatively simple task) only took 3 days; acquiring the tile and investing the time presents the greater challenge.

My advice to would-be tilers is only this: buy as much extra tile as you can afford.  It pains me to think of the cost of all the tiles I broke in cutting, but a worse fate would have been to run out of tiles before the mortar has a chance to dry.  Out of 3 cases of tile, only 3 tiles remain unused.

It also helps to have a second bathroom.  God, how I wish we had a second bathroom (tiling, grouting and sealing takes about 3 days to cure; at no point during that time can the bathroom be used for anything).  If you are unlucky enough to have just one bathroom, the restrooms at Kohl’s are very tidy.

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