Liberry my heart at wounded knee

Yesterday marked the end of my service to the Liberry.  It ended much in the same way it began- with everyone wondering if the new person would know what the hell he was doing.

It’s a strange thing to keep one job through the first half of your 20’s.  Things change rather quickly during those years.  I look different, think differently, and care about different things than I did when I started working at the Liberry, which is how things should be.  But the side-effect of working in one place during a  metamorphosis is the sense that you’ve worked there forever.  It’s been four years- approximately 16% of my life.

Four years of working on Gates computers, unjamming printers, helping the helpless, teaching classes, meeting weird people, and keeping books waaaay longer than is befitting a liberry employee.

Now it’s up to another brave soul to traverse the straits of the Liberrian Sea.  Will he reach the sunny shores of super-librarianship?  Run aground in the shoals of mediocrity?  Be dashed upon the rocky coast of incompetence?

Be misled by a mixed maritime metaphor?!?!?!

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