Summertime, when the living’s easy

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written anything, both in the figurative and literal sense.  We in Edwardsville are being smothered by the onset of summer heat (I debated whether I should call it heat or warmth.  Ultimately, warmth seemed to convey a sense of comfort, which is distinctly absent these days).

Normally the weather doesn’t bother me.  Everyone who resides in the Midwest shares the joy of scorching summers, white winters, tornadoes, floods, and most recently, earthquakes.  The wiser ones among us minimize their exposure to the elements, but this only works in the proper circumstances.  Inevitably, we all confront the wrath waiting just beyond our door…

Like it or not, that’s the way things are/were/will be (which I heartily accept).  What vexes me is the disappearance of those warm days I’ve come to associate with June.  The cold can still bite in May (it was too cold to play outside on the 24th), but June has consistently been pleasant (around 80 degrees, please).  Until now. There was no segue between the Spring chills and the Summer swelter.  It’s hot as hell and I’m not gonna take it!

It’s not all bad news

The garden has never been more prosperous.  For my trees, flowers, vegetables and (annoying) grass, perpetual rain and intense heat have kicked off a growth spurt like none I’ve ever seen.  Plus, I might change my tune next week, as I begin dog-sitting for a home with a lovely pool….

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