Im Garten 2008

This is the second Spring I’ve seen in this house, but it’s the first time I feel like I’ve got a shot at a proper garden.  After a month of rain that would make Seattle weather look like a faucet drip, the time has come to get my hands dirty.  Printed here for your enjoyment, the list of what’s growing im Garten:

The comeback kids

There are a surprising number of volunteer plants, come back for another season.

  • Lily of the Valley – poisonous to critters, but smell heavenly.
  • Aster – we completely cut these down last year, but they’re back en masse.
  • Knockout Roses – There are at least 800 rosebuds on two plants.  Eye candy.
  • Cannas – Tropical flowers that you’re supposed to dig up during winter.  Oops.
  • Strawberries – No fruit last year, but there are several blossoms this year.
  • Woolly Thyme – Not only did it survive the Winter, it is healthier than ever.
  • Rosemary – This was a close call.  It looked damn near dead, but decided to green up again.
  • Corsican Mint – This scrubby character was supposed to be an annual.  Smells nice when rubbed.
  • Sweet Pepper – Might be a seed from the compost pile.  We’ll never know.

The Regulars

  • Roma/Beefsteak Tomatoes – How would we live without them.
  • Sweet Basil – I have to resist using every leaf on the plant before it has a chance to grow.
  • Japanese Eggplant – I’m working on a surface-to-rabbit missle system to protect this guy.
  • Red/Yellow/Orange Pepper – Ditto the missle defense system.
  • Oregano – Plays nice with the basil.
  • Chives – I don’t use them all that often, but they’re pretty plants nonetheless.
  • Catnip – Good for sending the cats to Mars.  Also drives away pests.


  • Runner Beans – My first try at growing beans, plus it gives us some privacy.
  • Edamame – These little soybeans + soy sauce= deliciousness.
  • Blackberries – I like the fruit.  I love the thorns (read: annoying neighborhood children).
  • Spirea – Some nice color for in front of the house.
  • Phlox – To stop erosion around the patio.

View all of the photos of the garden here.

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