Mo’ money, mower problems

L Rasenmaeher 300x291Being a determined environmentalist isn’t all glitz and glam. Every once and awhile, either Ape or I trudge out into our verdant patch of lawn with a reel mower built from wood & steel, and powered by sweat & tears. Normally it’s more than adequate for what we need, and it’s rather pleasant to use (read: no noise/smell). A fringe benefit is that we’ve got everyone in our neighborhood thinking we’re poor and/or mental.

Unfortunately, the recent monsoon has prevented me from mowing for several weeks. What’s more, lots of rain + 1 day of sunshine= tube-sock height grass. Our trusty reel mower isn’t equipped to handle 12″ blades of grass, so we borrowed a gas mower from some friends.

This gas mower is just like others I can remember: loud and hard to start. Once I got it going, progress was slow but steady. Going pass by pass through the yard, I realized that the majority of what grows is not grass, but clover; one usually only sees the grass, due to its height. Clover is nice, as yard coverings go. It has cute little flowers, smells nice, and attracts bees. Plus, it fixes nitrogen, even when it’s not broken! *buh-dup chih*

I didn’t completely finish the mowing, but I think after this go, I’ll feel secure in swearing-off gas mowers until the next monsoon.

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