Vanitas, Vanitas, Vanitas

Mozzie Nearly everyone in my social circle knows that Ape & I have labored long and hard to improve the shower.  Less well-known is the battle raging over the rest of the bathroom, namely, the cheap but effective bathroom vanity versus the costly/impractical alternatives.  A cage-match seems unavoidable at this point, so stay tuned.

This fiasco has gone on for some time now, and the end is distant.  In this regard, it’s like the Liberry’s digitization project.  It started as a grant for the digitization of genealogical odds and ends, involving only the reference Librarian and myself.  Now, 7 people are working towards the same goal, with about 100 pages behind us and somewhere around 3,000 ahead.

Then there’s the basement.  Le Sigh.

For relief from these endless projects, and the many others I haven’t named, I suggest looking at the above picture for at least 2 minutes.  If you don’t feel better (as I do), have your eyes checked for cute-sensitivity.

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