A Geek Tragedy

I nuked the Quebecker blog today. Not on purpose, of course. I was trying to build a Scriblio demo for the Liberry, and both the Quebecker blog and Scriblio run on WordPress. I mistyped the name of the my Scriblio demo, which meant I’d have to clear the MySQL database and start with a clean slate.

Stupid me. I selected the database titled WordPress and click ‘Drop all tables’. It asked me if I really wanted to do this, which I affirmed. That was all it took.

The consequences became clear just a few seconds later, and without lifting a finger, I knew exactly what had happened. The database I’d intended to delete was titled Scriblio, not WordPress.


I had a backup of the majority of my posts, and the 10 most recent were to be found in the google cache. I lost about 4 posts forever.

In memory of those four posts, an obscure Latin quote (since Latin quotes impart a gravitas that’s so hard to match):

Qua resurget ex favilla

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