Let them eat Flickr pie

The time has finally come for the Liberry to make its Flickr debut:


Setup was a breeze, although I quickly realized that the free account is inadequate for most everything.  I uploaded about 100 pictures with F-spot in Ubuntu (which doesn’t like .tiff files, fyi), and the only difficult part was giving the photos meaningful names and tags.

So far it’s mostly historical pictures, punctuated by a few adverts and artworks around the Liberry.  Despite not having tons of photos, the first batch does have a few lookers, particularly the fire pictures.

I think we’ll want to upgrade to the pro account, which really isn’t too expensive ($25/yr). It allows you to have as many photo sets as you like, no upload cap, etc.  The question is, will anybody look at it?

Next up: Liberry meets youtube!!1!!

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