How sweet it is

The peeps have come home to roost: there’s a row between Big Sugar and Big High Fructose Corn Syrup over the use of the term natural.

I have my own theory on this: whether or not HFCS is as healthy or natural as sugar is irrelevant. The rub is that items which contain HFCS are ipso facto oversweetened. The reason is simple: sugar is undisputedly more expensive (and tastes better) than HFCS. If a product needs alot of sweetener, sugar is typically blended with HFCS, cutting costs and maintaining flavor. If a product needs only a small dosage of sweetness, sugar is used exclusively.

So while neither sugar nor HFCS are good for you, products which contain HFCS are probably worse for you than those which contain only sugar. I’m gonna try to test this hypothesis next time I go to the store!

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