Home, my favorite four-letter word

The trip to Minneapolis is behind me. In front of me, the application of what I learned at the PLA conference and a bowl of oatmeal.

I haven’t posted for a bit as a result of PLA, and the wankers who run The Depot in Minneapolis.

First, the voyage.

The drive to PLA was nice; much nicer than I’d anticipated. If you’ve never used Google Maps Avoid Highways feature, you’ve been missing out. Our route snaked through small towns, over hills, under bridges, and behind trucks (the truck part wasn’t all that severe). Every small-town Library that crossed our path merited a short visit, so we met plenty of Librarians and local yokels. A relaxing trip if ever there were one!

Then, there was Minneapolis.

The general layout of Minneapolis would best be compared to an MC Escher design hedge maze; there’s no real sense of orientation or purpose; just a gordian knot of streets and buildings. After a lengthy search for the hotel (I think we drove about 10 miles without ever leaving a 1-mile stretch of downtown), we arrived and checked in without difficulty. Being a nerd, I was obligated to bring my lappie along. The interweb told me that our hotel had internet access; what the jolly folks at Rennaissance Hotels didn’t mention was that it cost $10 per diem to use it.

*edit* Damnit! I typed up the rest of my post and lost connectivity for a second when posting. Now it’s gone 😦

I’ll probably try again later…

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