By the light o’ the silvery CMS

Had my nose to the grindstone lately to get the Liberry’s website going.  After a row with damn near every CMS, I’ve finally pinned our future site on Silverstripe.

It’s easy to install, but I’m spinning my wheels in the design of the site.  Charging me with the design of a complex site like the Liberry is like giving a rubiks cube to a dolphin.  He’s probably smart enough to do it, but it’ll take more than a few seasons.  The designs that seem logical and usable to my eyes aren’t nearly so convenient for other people.  I’m content with the current layout, but I have a sinking feeling that when I open it up to critique from my fellow liberrians, the changes will be nitpicky and banal, instead of substantive suggestions for how to make the site more appealing or usable.

Such is the curse of design for pay, I guess- the design is only as good as the underwriters deem it.

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