We Ubuntoo!

Good news everyone: The Edwardsville Public Library is now circulating a copy of Ubuntu 7.10! I requested a copy here a few weeks ago, and despite the warnings that it might take months to get here, it only took a few weeks. It came all the way from the Netherlands, which seems to be where Canonical is based. Declared value of the package: .13€. Giving Patrons a choice of OS: priceless.

We’re one step closer towards a crapware-free world….

Meanwhile, Ubuntu Hardy Heron Alpha 4 continues to screw with me. Of course, only an idiot would really expect an alpha to be fully functional. I happen to be that idiot. I’m stymied at the moment- Hardy Heron has better support for my hardware. I could recompile to kernel in Gutsy to support the AMD Geode chipset, like the creator of the Dhammatron, but I’ve only got a 2gb cf card, 1.9 gb of which is taken up by Ubuntu. When I figure it out though, I should have nice smooth video playback on Youtube 🙂

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