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I got this error message today while trying to download a VirtualBox image of Xubuntu:


I hope somebody learned a lesson from this…

I wanted to get a virtual image of Xubuntu to use as a testing platform for the Entertainer Project.  It seems to be a very promising open-source media server.  I only say ‘seems’ because I’ve been disappointed with so many other similar projects; they require painful initial setup and employ byzantine configurations, or can’t furnish the appropriate codecs, etc.  First impressions: It’s still a young project, developed by a single person it seems.  Some people view this as a weakness, but I see it as a great strength.  A single vision is needed for a project to become fruitful, and others can join later to multiply.  I’m also quite glad to see that Entertainer currently doesn’t offer dvr capability.  It might sound silly, but my biggest beef with MythTV was it’s fanatical attention to dvr, which unfortunately neglected your existing collection of downloaded shows/movies to obscurity.  Of course, MythTV was capable of managing existing collections, but it was rather difficult to do so.  It seems pretty myopic to ignore the importance of downloaded video, when open-source media centers are ostensibly targeted at tech-savvy types who almost certainly have lots of downloaded video.

I don’t want to risk another life by attempting to re-download the Xubuntu image, so when I get through a regular install and use Entertainer for awhile, I’ll post a full review.

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