Ice to see you

Ah, the American Midwest.  Yesterday I awoke to astonishingly good weather.  At 9:00 am it was already 65 fahrenheit (~19 C), with sunshine to boot.  I absorbed as much sunshine as I could, and took up the sysaphean task of cleaning the garage with pleasure.  It was so nice that it would have been a crime for Ape and I not to walk to the liberry.

Then the spell was broken, and a frigid wind came along faster than you can say johnnycakes.  By 11:00pm, the temp had dropped to 15 fahrenheit (that’s a 50 degree drop for those of you keeping score).  Damnit.

With the exception of yesterday, the cold weather has kept me at home, leaving me lots of time to read.  I just finished Spandau Phoenix, a nice read dealing with America’s favorite pastime: postulating Nazi conspiracies 🙂

I’m normally not a fan of speculative fiction (such as alternate histories), but the book makes me wonder what would have become of the Nazis if they hadn’t pursued the Endlösung.  The Nazi government wasn’t too unique as regimes go: they ruled through brutality, fear, scapegoating an ethnic minority,  etc.  If you remove the Holocaust from the equation, how would things have turned out?

Would Germany have invaded England and ruled over Europe, realizing the goal that eluded so many other Nationalist European conquerors?  Or would it have folded as soon as an ambitious party member staged a coup against Hitler?  Would things be different at all?

Certainly anything is possible, but some things are more possible than others 🙂

The three factors that loom largest are Germany, England, and the United States, and the ties that bind them.  Spandau Phoenix would have you believe that it was never Hitler’s intention to invade Britain, rather he intended to eliminate Churchill and render England an ally.  There’s buckets of factual evidence to support this theory, but it presents a new problem: England and the U.S. are bff, Germany and Japan are on the same team, and Japan is gunning for the U.S.  This is a textbook example of the Lovers/Haters triangle, dependent upon your perspective.  If Hitler could reliably depend on control of England, there would be no European theater for the U.S. army, in the same way there was no ground-invasion of Japan.  Too much water separates the U.S. from England, and there’s no Midway Island in the Atlantic.  It would have to have been a naval/aerial effort.

Which begs the question: would the U.S. have used the bomb on a European target?  It’s a grotesque idea, but not out of the question.

An interesting idea, but still pointless speculation.  Besides, if Hitler knew about The Matrix, he’d probably save all his ammo for the inevitable rise of the machines.

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