able i was ere i saw elba

We all knew it was coming, so there’s no point in avoiding it; the raconteur in me demands a replay the story of Christmas 2007.

If you’re fed up with the idea of Christmas, you should replace every instance of the word ‘christmaswith Saturnalia.

Christmas 2007 was undoubtedly good to me. In spite of the repeat trips between E-ville and Springfield, it was fairly relaxing too. Families were rejoined, elaborate gifts exchanged (I definitely did not deserve as much), and the weather was tolerable. I’ve found a home for my new tool chests, accumulated a small fortune in Lowe’s gift cards, and lord over a much strengthened beer & wine collection.

It was nice to be home in Williamsville for a few days. It doesn’t seem as dismal as it did in my high-school years. Ape and I even enjoyed a brief stint at Becker Computer Service, which was pretty agreeable. Best of all, I got a passively cooled video-card for my computer (an agp card is rather hard to come by these days), so my system no longer sounds like a leaf blower.Ape thinks we should move there during gradschool, but what would become of our feline dependents?

Now I’m mostly tired, and disdainful of having to go back to work at the Liberry. I was definitely not prepared for the assault on my olfactory, the work of a corpulent patron whose aroma would put the dirtiest European to shame. The good news: tomorrow we’re off to see Wicked. Check back soon for a review and a telling of my attempts to tie a bow-tie.

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