Sorry for the few days without posts; I was busy graduating.  First, a short summary of the last few days:


Friday was German presentation day.  In light of the result of my french presentation, I nixed notecards and loaded up the powerpoint with all my data and infos.  I arrived (very) early, made sure everything worked, and Ape and I reflected for a few minutes on our time at SIUE.  Then Anna who works in the foreign language lab made us help her clean the illustrious plasma-lounge.  I guess they wanted it to be sparkling for my presentation…

The presentation itself went off without a hitch.  The only hitch was the 15 month old Anna, who was evidently bored by the topic of Franz Kafka’s theological musings.  It really wasn’t bad having her in the audience; since cute kids are attention magnets, the pressure was off me.  A mixture of confidence and sweat (it was about 85 degrees in the lab) radiated from my body, and I kicked ass.  After the questioning, BCW was literally dumbfounded, and offered the compliment “Vielen Gut“.  I took it in the intended sense, and played with Anna & Ape during the next student’s presentation.

I definitely prefer the way BCW did business; that is, one student presents their research to the professors.  The professors  question them, they prove themselves (or fail) vigorously, and open the floor for the next student.  No fuss, no muss (What is muss anyway?) .  Compare that to the french presentations, where students endured each other’s presentations for 20-30 minutes each, and then held a panel of questions at the end.  Can’t win em’ all, I guess.

Fast Forward to Saturday

siuseal.gifSaturday was graduation day.  Graduation was about like I expected: rubes in robes, speeches about the future, etc.  It was all fine really, it just bears keeping in mind that all the talk about the future and what we’ve accomplished means nothing if people (myself included) don’t use their degrees to better themselves or those around them.  The highlight of Saturday was without a doubt Graduation-party-orama, catered by my loving parents.  The food was superb (I’ve never heard so many people praise christmas cookies), the mood was cozy, and the company congenial.  It excels any of the parties I’d had in college (for a number of reasons), and I have my parents & Ape to thank for it.

Yes, it was a night to remember.  I got alot of gifts (particularly since expressed that I didn’t want gifts in the invite), and not just regular gifts- awesome gifts!  I can only hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did.  The only drag was the weather, the winter-wonder-if-we’ll-get-home-alive-land.    Somebody up there disklikes me…

And on to Sunday

Sunday was a slow day; a day for rest and recovery.  The folks & Ape & myself got some morning nourishment at Panera and discussed plans for graduation-trip-orama.   The possibilities include Las Vegas, Mackinaw Island, Quebec City, Nova Scotia, Germany, Costa Rica, Tallulah, and Baghdad.  Post up if you have any you’d like to add.

The rest of Sunday was regrettably rest-free.  We went to Emma’s birthday no. 2 party, and got swamped by kids.  I’m pretty sure at least one of those kids had cholera, coz’ now Ape and I are both sick.

 What happened then? 

I went back to work.  And have had to get up early every single day.  Blegh.

I wanna go back to school!

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