Le Brunch


I was playing with my supa-kickass new lego train last night when I got a call from Aunt Liz. Calls from family are always good news, and this was no exception. Since she couldn’t make it to graduation-party-orama, she wanted to know if Ape and I would join her and Kim for brunch. Of course we said yes, and set off to the Chase this morning.

We got a bit lost (inside the hotel is rather maze-like, but the receptionist told us the brunch was just past the third minotaur on the right). The food was superb, though Ape felt the counters were too tall to be accessible to people of her stature. The desserts looked too nice to eat, so we decided just to taste them.

We finished up and said our goodbyes, and shortly thereafter the enjoyment ended. Interstate 64 was completely closed, something I thought would only happen when judgement day was nigh. But nigh or not-nigh, some higher being was punishing everyone who was caught up in the ensuing mess. So Ape was a bit late to work, and I had to pee in the woods outside town, since the 12 glasses of water I’d had at brunch were getting out of hand.

Then I had to make a diaper delivery to my sister, followed by my appointment with breaking a large glass x-mas ornament in my kitchen. At least brunch was good…

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