Movin’ on up

First, some links for your edification:

Goethe’s poetry read/displayed in German

Free online university course materials

Sorry about the down-time, I was moving to an Ubuntu server (instead of just plain ole’ debian). Sorry about the title too; sometimes you have to pick the low-hanging fruit.

I’ve also been a little busy, having recently finished not one but two essays, the first being in French (on the subject of Michel de Montaigne and his essais) and the second being in German (on the topic of theology in Franz Kafka’s Work). The result: an overwhelming euphoria, caused by finally finishing something that should have been done a long time ago. Why did I procrastinate for so very long? Any number of reasons, not least of which was taking the time to learn how to use Latex, which it turns out is both hardier and easier to use than Microsoft Word. Technical problems aside, it was just unusually bad timing. I blame the spaniards.

Fortunately, I’m happy w/ the finished product, and after I present my research to the Foreign Language Dept., I can relax a little. Meanwhile, I’m gonna keep working on my new ubuntu server, and spend some time trying to learn whatever I can about PHP.

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