Arbeit Macht Frei

I got the chance to stick it the man and avoid supporting the organized crime syndicate known as Ticketmaster. I saved $50 on our $340 tickets, which almost covers the gas I spent driving to the Fox.

After my trip into town I set to working on my senior essay, aka the Neverending Story. Maybe I should’ve majored in finishing essays. It’s taking forever as of …now. It doesn’t help that I keep rewriting old parts of the essay that need brushing up. How bad a grade could I really get if I just turned it in? Would it really matter?

The answer is no, it would not. But I’m gonna try to make it as nice as I can. A liberry patron who happens to have her phd in linguistics has me convinced I should study computational linguistics. It sounds like fun; after all, the T-1000’s will eventually need to know how to interpret our screams of agony. Thinking about grad school is exciting/frightening/a drag, especially since I’ve drug out undergrad to the extreme.

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