Christmas time is here {early}

Today is christmas tree day in the Maison Becker/Hosto. Although it seems way too early to me, my domestic partner insists otherwise. I skipped class (a safe move, since all my work is complete) and we hit up Lowe’s hoping to fulfill our x-mas dreams. Lowe’s is about the last place I’d want to buy a tree, since for me the trip into the country is the most satisfying part of getting a tree. Unfortunately, time and money constraints conspire to make my life difficult, so Lowes benefits.

I heard a joke about Douglas Fir (involving Sonny Bono, if you want to look it up) but the tree is really not too bad. It passes the smell test, retained most of its needles in transport, and dutifully protects the presents that dwell beneath its verdant boughs. The ornaments look sparse, since we don’t have many at this point.

I just hope it’s not totally dessicated by the 24th….

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