All your internets are belong to us

Excitement in the Liberry today.  I got the call around 7:45 that the internets were broken.  Never a good way to start the day…

After a short while, it was pretty clear that Dustin was correct; the router was kaputt.  I called the Illinois Century Network (ICN) at 8:15.  We went through the regular battery of tests, and finally the chap on the other end of the line agreed that our router was in fact worthless.  At 9:45, he told me he’d come w/ a replacement in 1.5 hours.

Meanwhile, people generally accepted that the internets were down.  Books were piling up everywhere, to the chagrin of our poor shelver.  Otherwise, people seemed with the loss of the digital appendage.  One irate patron demanded to know why we didn’t have a backup-generator.  If I asked you to guess at how a backup internet-generator might work, what would you suggest?

At 12:30, I called the ICN again to inquire about our replacement router.  I was told they were busy that morning, but someone was nearly ready to bring us our new router.

At 2:00, our guest arrived, router in hand.  After an hour of haxxoring, we had internets again.

What’s the lesson in all this?

Besides  having a spare internet-generator, I don’t know what we could have done differently.  So the lesson is, no matter how bad your weekend is, Mondays are almost always worse.

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